Payroll Services

Full Service Payroll

I offer a completely electronic payroll service for those who are looking for a cheaper alternative to the big payroll companies. Like them, I offer a full service solution - complete with paycheck calculations, direct deposit (no extra charge), electronic tax payments, e-filing of quarterly returns and year-end W-2 services. Where I am different is in what you have to pay for and who keeps your tax money until it is due - you do.

Do Your Own with QuickBooks

If you want total control over your payroll processing and want to do your own, I can help you set-up and utilize QuickBooks to give you the best way of doing your own.

Quarterly and Year-End Payroll Tax Service

Do you want to do your own payroll, but you don't want to handle the quarterly and year-end filing of tax returns and forms? Well, I can help with just that too.

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QuickBooks Training, Accounting, Tax and Controller Services in Cobb, Marietta, and Surrounding Atlanta Georgia

Mike Williford, MBA, Advanced Certified ProAdvisor

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